Friday, August 7, 2009

If they only knew.....

Then I wouldn't find such amazing treasures! Something drew me to the stack of 1980's mass produced prints of pastel palm trees and coyotes in howling profiles. There it was, a bronze gilded frame and a huge Maxfield Parrish print. GASP! The backing was shredded, save a tiny corner that had an art shop label for The Golden Rule in St Paul Minnesota. $19.00. What?!? Well, even if it turned out to be a repro, it was a great find. The frame alone was worth more than that! So I take it home and research the Golden Rule. GOD BLESS THE INTERNET!!! Turns out the Golden Rule was the #1 department store for folks of considerable means from the 1890s up until the 1940's. They had an atrium where you could have an extravagant lunch while the porters stood at the ready with your newly purchased items. There was an entire floor dedicated to fine art. And in the 1920's a Max Parrish framed and numbered litho could be had for about $90. IN 1920! Even then he commanded a great price! After carefully removing the brown paper backing, I discovered the litho number on the back of the Parrish print. Turns out its and original run litho. GLORY BE!!! Sad part of the story is it has lost a lot of its glorious purple hues. Possibly was kept in a sunny parlor and was exposed to hours of abusive UV glare. *sigh* But just the same, I adore my new Parrish!
Until I can afford a mint condition version, this one suits me just fine.......


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