Monday, November 16, 2009


Dear Blog'

I know you thought I had forgotten about you. I know you probably lay awake at night, shivering, wondering; "Whyyyyyyy! WHYYYYYYY!?!?" My absence was not your fault. It was nothing you did or said, or didn't do or say.

It's not you, Blog. It's me.

I was lazy and negligent and I accept responsibility for how I've made you feel.
Please accept my apology. Please? And I promise to do my best to never leave you for so long again.
All I can do is my best....

Wadda' ya' say?


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I peruse thrift shops like a junkie. I find such amazing things sometimes that I wanted to share them. I tinker with glass and a hot soldering iron as time allows. I have a collection of thousands of glass beads carefully selected and purchased with the excuse I will make jewelery, but I can't bear to part with a single bead. Not one!! So don't even ask! Ok, you can have one.