Saturday, August 14, 2010

Heloise All Around the House....1965 tips to make your housework fun!

I have a passion for vintage books. Cookbooks are a particular favorite because the recipes are so honest in vintage books. So many recipes I come across in vintage cookbooks are recipes Ive never heard of. These books are so worthy of being collected and used a daily reference.

It's no surprise that my love of cookbooks would naturally guide me to collect vintage books on tips and advice to housewives. (I have an 1892 book called "Mans Strength, Womans Beauty" that is advice for young brides how to conduct themselves as wives, and what to expect of their husbands. Fascinating stuff!!)

Todays find is a 1965 book, "Heloise Around the House." (Later, this lovely tipster turned columnist in a weekly newspaper column Hints from Heloise. Remember that? I LOVED that column!
I digress....)

I found so many laughable solutions and several practical ones. Today I decided to share with you a tip from 1965. Be sure to check back again....I'll be posting more!

"For good measure!"

"For those who can never find their measuring tape, make yourself a sewing apron!
I find this one of the most useful things in my home. Just sew a measuring tape upside down across the bottom of the apron....This is for good measure!
It's handy when you are sitting at your sewing machine. You can lift the bottom edge of your apron and check the width of any seam or hem you happen to be stitching. These aprons sell well at church bazaars."

This actually seems to be a very practical application! I hope to see you skilled seamstresses selling these aprons on Etsy!


  1. I wonder if that's the same book that was in my library years ago. Does it have a lot of line drawings inside, including one (under Bathroom, I think) of decorating the walls with an ivy pattern; and does the Steak entry suggest "marinating it briefly in French dressing"?



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