Friday, July 17, 2009


So I had a job interview in Paramount a few weeks back. (Not a successful one. I could tell the job was already filled before the interview started. I was the obligatory white female over 40 to satisfy the affirmative action requirements. IMHO.)

But from lemons, lemonade! I noticed that on the corner just a block away from the interview location was one of those grand iconic giant-donut-on-the-roof donut shops. I take my camera everywhere (even to interviews!) so I went to get a donut (devils food with chocolate frosting and chocolate jimmies. Hey, I had to console myself!) and take a picture or two.
As I pull in to the parking lot, I see a dumpster behind the shop with the back rest of a Danish modern chair peeking out from above the rim. Oh my stars....could it be?
The holy grail of mid century dining chairs? In the dumpster? I tottered over on my high heels and hastily pulled out the chair. A light from heaven shone down upon the chair and I swear I heard a harp...... With no delicacy, I stuffed the chair into my car, grabbed a donut, sanitized my hands (icky!) and sped away. All done under the watchful gaze of a homeless man with long, long dreadlocks.

I got it home, cleaned it, and began looking for appropriate fabric to cover the original reverse-concave seat. I'm thinking a solid red bark cloth......



  1. Someone put that in a dumpster?? That's an awesome find! And ya gotta love any place with a giant donut.

  2. Just found your etsy shop and clicked over to your blog. Love your style and love that you pulled that out of the dumpster...I got my dressing room chair the exact same way in Heidelberg Germany...out of a the middle of a very crowded university square!



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