Thursday, July 23, 2009

It always starts with One

4 years ago I discovered a brown leather, hand crafted saddle shaped purse in a thrift store in Minnesota.
Instantly I was transported to 1976 when my mother carried a purse almost exactly like it. I had to have it! Here in CA., I would sometimes carry the purse out on my errands. I would receive mixed comments from my friends anywhere from, "Oh my God where did you find that! I've been looking for one for years!" to "Don't ever wear that again if you re with me." LOL! I loved my purse. Say what you want, I think it's adorable. My friend calls it hippy-dippy. That same friend; knowing how much I adored my Minnesota saddle bag; purchased for me a second hand made leather purse for my birthday. (Her name is Kori. Tee hee, Kori, youre in a blog now!!)
And I thought I couldn't love another purse as much as I loved the first! Beautifully detailed, including the monogram "MJS," as well as a spot darkened from many years of being carried under the arm of "MJS."

Ahhh, and then I found the third. At a thrift store I practically saw it from the parking lot before I entered the store. Like a beacon it called me. A handcrafted tote depicting Aztecs, cacti and a Mayan pyramid!
Even the bottom is beautifully detailed.
The entire bag is SO detailed, it's almost tacky! OK, so it's a little tacky.... that just makes me love it more!

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